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Make PD for teachers easy and accessible. Teach Computer Science to kids from K-12 using real skills for the workplace.

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Treat Every Student as an Author

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Hatch keeps it simple: Computer Science is Programming. Programming is Writing. We want students to be the best writers they can be.

Accessible Platform for All Teachers

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Resources and lesson plans created that can be used by CS and non-CS specialist teachers. Platform teaches content with minimal help.

Zone of Proximal Development

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Students spend their time learning the next topic relevant to them. By keeping students consistently engaged with their learning, students and teachers win.

Hatch School Partnerships 

Approved by Florida, chosen by Miami-Dade School District

Starting in 2014, after teaching nearly 50,000 students across 400+ schools and working with 35+ school districts in multiple countries, Hatch became an official major instructional material for Florida until 2026.

Hatch’s CEO presented to 4 anonymous Miami-Dade educators. These educators went into a “cone of silence” to evaluate materials for middle school computer science. This was the entirety of the selection process - no wining and dining, no trade shows, no multiple rounds of presentations, just letting them decide based on the merits of the content.

4 months later, the educators emerged from their cone of silence. Miami-Dade, the 4th largest school district in North America, chose Hatch to provide curriculum for Middle School Computer Science from Fall 2021 to Spring 2026.


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· This includes teacher and students resources for the classroom.

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