Frequently Asked Questions

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How Hatch Works

What programming languages does Hatch teach?

At Hatch, students learn full-language coding using JavaScript and Python.

How does my child learn at Hatch?

Your child will learn by completing fun projects, challenges and capstone projects. Projects allow children to learn syntax, and challenges help children use the knowledge they learned in new contexts. The more projects and challenges they complete, the more they will learn and understand. Learning is determined by the student as the Hatch curriculum is fully personalized and self paced. By completing projects students will learn simple concepts of coding and extend to Object-oriented programming.

My child has never coded before. Is Hatch suitable for beginners?

Hatch is designed to easily introduce beginners to coding. You only need to know how to type! The program will guide the student from the basics of coding to high-level computational logic.

If I don't know how to code, will my child still be able to learn coding by using the Hatch platform alone?

Yes, Hatch is designed to guide students independently through full-language coding. While you may need to help set-up their account for younger children, our platform is intuitive enough that children will be able to navigate and complete projects on their own.

Students can also directly ask questions to coaches through our “I Need Help” feature or during the daily Virtual Classrooms (Monday to Friday, 5 pm EST).

If you want to provide more support for your child, selecting the Private plan will give them access to 1 on 1 coaching sessions where your child can check-in with a personal coach. During these sessions, they will work through projects together and the coach will customize your child’s learning path according to their progress and skill level.

What internet browser and device should my child use for Hatch?

You can use any internet browser to use Hatch. We suggest Chrome. You can use any device with a screen and a keyboard. We suggest:

  • Laptops
  • Desktop computers
  • Chromebooks

Tablets and iPads are also supported, but may be more difficult because they do not have a separate keyboard.

Smartphones are unfortunately not supported because their screens are too small.

How is Hatch different from other coding classes and platforms?

Most coding education services teach computational logic, which is coding concepts in a language. However, only some teach computational thinking, which is how to think like a computer. This helps students learn additional coding languages quickly.

Hatch teaches both, plus 3 other skills that are necessary to being a well-rounded programmer. We teach students:

  • How to translate ideas into code
  • How to do independent research to solve their own coding difficulties
  • Communication skills and how to work in a team through team coding

These 3 skills are the most wanted by engineering managers when they hire new junior employees. You may or may not be thinking about the job prospects of your child yet, but through Hatch, your child will get a jumpstart on gaining skills that will directly help them in the future, while they’re having fun.

Why should my child learn how to code?

We all know that programming is vital to success in our technology-driven economy of the 21st century. And our goal is to teach children and parents the value of learning coding at a young age. Read more about the power of coding from notable tech leaders who know exactly how important it is to future success in our blog: 6 Great Quotes About the Power of Coding.

Selecting a Plan

What is the recommended age to use Hatch?

We recommend that a child be at least 6 years old before starting the program. However, every child is different, and some may be ready to start later or earlier based on their development. Generally speaking, if they can type, they can code.

For children between ages 6 to 8, we recommend a Dedicated or higher, which will give them access to a personal coach.

Do you have programs for children younger than 8?

If your child is younger than 8, but they are comfortable with typing on a keyboard, they can learn to code with Hatch. We recommend the Private plan, which will give them access to a personal coach to help guide them through technical coding concepts.

Which plan is right for my child?

The Basic plan is best if your child:

  • Prefers to do things at their own pace
  • Easily learns things on their own

The Private plan is best if your child:

  • Learns best through individual attention from a teacher
  • Is starting to have more specialized coding questions
  • Needs some motivation to do work
  • Is younger than 9 years old

The Team plan is best if your child:

  • Wants to learn more advanced coding
  • Is interested in developing their collaborative coding skills
  • Enjoys working with other children of the same age and skill level
  • Loves to make new friends with other children who are interested in coding
When is the best time to sign up?

You can sign up for Hatch at any time. Our platform and curriculum are designed for students to start learning whenever they want and at their own pace. There are no set semesters or course schedules at Hatch.

Virtual Coaching Sessions and Virtual Classroom

What is the 1 on 1 virtual coaching session?

For each student, we assign a personal coding coach who’s been vetted and trained by our team of education professionals.

Coaching sessions are tailored to the learning needs of the student. During each session, the coach will answer the student’s questions, walk-through coding concepts through project examples, and assess the student’s learning progress.

Sessions are 30 minutes long and happen once a week, with flexible time slots to meet your scheduling needs. Session are accessed online via a private Zoom link that will be sent to you through a calendar invite once you select a time slot during the registration process.

Who teaches the 1 on 1 coaching session?

The 1 on 1 coaching sessions are taught by Hatch coaches who have been vetted and trained in teaching full-language coding. Students meet with the same personal coach that has been assigned to them so that they receive more tailored guidance.

You can learn more about our coaches on our About Us page.

What is the Virtual Classroom?

The Virtual Classroom is a 1 hour long learning session run by our coach, Brenda. Students can ask questions about coding, have fun learning new coding concepts, and work through coding projects together under the supervision of a coach. Only Hatch students have access to the Virtual Classroom.

It runs every weekday (Monday—Friday) from 5 to 6 pm (EST).

Who teaches the Virtual Classroom?

Our amazing coach, Brenda, teaches the Virtual Classroom. You can read more about Brenda and our other coaches on the About Us page.

How do I schedule a 1 on 1 coaching session?

For first time Hatch users, you will schedule the 1 on 1 coaching sessions when you go through the registration and payment process.

For Hatch users who want to change their plan, a new 1 on 1 coaching session link will be sent to you from Please check your spam email for a message from this address if you do not see it in your inbox.

For those who previously had a Hatch account, you will schedule the 1 on 1 coaching sessions when you go through the registration and payment process.

How do I change the time for all my future 1 on 1 coaching sessions?

If you want to change all your 1 on 1 meeting times in the future (i.e. not just for 1 session), please email your coach and CC for faster coordination. 

Unfortunately, we cannot change meeting times or reschedule sessions that were already missed.


What if I need to reschedule my 1 on 1 session or my child missed it?

To respect the time of our coaches, there are no reschedules for cancelled or missed meetings for any reason.

If you give your coach at least 48 hours notice, and if your coach has availability and is willing, a meeting may be moved at the sole discretion of the coach. Please email your coach and only your coach to discuss this. Otherwise, the meeting will be missed and it will not be made up. 

After Registration and Using Hatch

What is the next step after I register my child?

1) Log on to the Hatch platform via the student account to do projects

You can do this as soon as you finish the registration using the username and password you’ve set-up during the registration process. If you’ve forgotten the student username or password, you can log into the parent account to reset the details.

Instructions on how to start will also be sent to your email in the confirmation email once you register. Please check your email and spam folder for emails from

If you do not receive any of this information or would like more assistance, please email

2) Attend the Virtual Classroom

The Virtual Classroom is an optional learning opportunity for your child. It takes place every weekday (Monday—Friday) at 5 pm (EST).

The Virtual Classroom is a 1 hour long learning session run by our coach, Brenda. Students can ask questions about coding, have fun learning new coding concepts, and work through coding projects together under the supervision of a coach. Only Hatch students have access to the Virtual Classroom.

3) Attend 1 on 1 coaching sessions, only for students with Private and Team plans

Go to the student dashboard and click the button “Coaching Session” to access the 1 on 1 coaching sessions. The date and time for these sessions were set-up during the registration process. If you wish to change the time, please contact your coach via email and CC at least 48 hours before the session starts.

Why didn’t I get an email confirmation?

Please check your email and spam folder for messages from

How can I help my child succeed at learning coding?

Here’s what we recommend to ensure your child has a successful coding experience with Hatch:

  • Allow your child to go through the tutorial section of Hatch, they may need some help at the start but they will become fully independent soon.
  • Ensure your child sets aside a minimum of 90 minutes each week for coding learning. The more time they code, the faster they will progress.
  • Set a minimum number of projects and challenges for your child to complete. Here are example guidelines for a week of coding:
    • 1 project and 2 challenges for students ages 6-9
    • 2 projects and 4 challenges for students ages 9-11
    • 3 projects and 6 challenges for students 12+ years
  • Use the lesson plans or ensure your child is progressing and completing projects at their level.
  • If you sign up for weekly meetings, have your child complete the check-ins.
  • If you child is struggling with concepts, use the “I need help” button (found in the IDE on the Hatch platform) or sign up for a weekly meeting to increase their progress.
  • Let your child run into obstacles and allow them time to figure out how to problem solve. Try not to help them solve everything right away.
  • If your child gets stuck, get them to complete a project at “Type What You See” level - where they can break the coding problem down and see the actual code.
How much work is my child expected to do?

Hatch is a self-paced learning environment. This means that students finish projects based on their own schedule and interests. During 1 on 1 coaching sessions, the student’s personal coach will provide project suggestions based on the student’s learning progress that they can do during the week.

It is recommended that students spend a minimum of 90 minutes each week learning coding. The more time they spend, the faster they will progress.

For parents who want to help guide or motivate their child, Hatch also has free weekly lesson plans that provide general learning guidelines. Each lesson plan includes a list of recommended projects and a target for the number of project and challenge points to reach. The lessons are designed to have the expectations rise as the student reaches higher levels.

You can find the lesson plans here. 

Managing Your Hatch Subscription

How do I change my plan type?

To change your plan type, log in to your parent dashboard using your parent email and password that you created during registration.

On your parent dashboard, select "Manage Subscription", which will take you to a page where you can change your subscription. 

The plan change will happen immediately. If you are upgrading, the remaining difference will be automatically charged. If you are downgrading your plan, any extra difference will be saved as a credit for your next payments. 

Can I end my plan at any time?

Yes, you can choose to end your plan at any time. Your payment will be updated once you select a different plan and your child will retain access to the platform for the remainder of the month that you paid for.

How do I end my plan?

To end your plan, simply log in to your parent dashboard using the parent email and password that you set-up during registration.

On your parent dashboard, select "Manage Subscription", which will take you to a page where you can change or cancel your subscription.